Penetration sealing systems

It’s essential that all openings and gaps are fire sealed to restrict both lateral and vertical fire spread.

Fire sealing systems are a fundamental requirement of the fire safety design of a building and so it is important that you choose the right system for your building type. The choice depends upon factors such as the type of service and their location within an opening, the size of the opening and the load-bearing requirement, gaps or linear gap between elements etc.  For instance, the required fire rating achieved at the point of service penetration through a block-work wall may not be achieved for a dry lined wall, so the importance of understanding the ability of each fire sealing system is vital.

It is essential that all openings and gaps are fire sealed to restrict both lateral and vertical fire spread and to achieve the required degree of containment. Without effective compartmentation fire may spread uninterrupted in cavities and penetrations in a building. Yee Group is highly experienced in providing advice, installation and maintenance support for all different types and sizes of buildings, so you can be sure that with Yee Group you will be in safe hands. Upon completion Yee Group will issue a certificate of conformity.

I have never known a project be completed without any snags, which is a massive achievement on the part of Yee Group
Jordan Molloy, Assistant Site Manager, Wates Construction

Intumescent sealing

In a fire, a chemical reaction causes the paints to expand up to 50 times their original thickness creating a ‘char’.

Intumescent sealing systems are water based acrylic intumescent or silicone based fire protection sealants. When cured they form a non-hardening seal, thereby preventing the passage of smoke, toxic gases and fire for up to 240 minutes of fire protection.

Intumescent sealing

Sealing movement joints

Safety above all else is our motto and with Yee Group you can be confident that all sealants installed are BS compliant.

Providing our customers with sound and relevant technical advice and support is important when it comes to sealing movement joints. Our specialist team of advisers will guide you through the requirements  and provide a certificate of conformity upon completion. This form of fire sealing will help provide extra valuable minutes in the event of a fire.

All expansion and movement joints in a fire separating wall and floor must be fire sealed with a material that will accommodate the required movement whilst providing the necessary degree of fire integrity. With Yee Group you can trust that we will ensure that the products we supply and the installation we undertake will help prevent the spread of fire and smoke and safeguard your building.