Cavity fire barriers

Cavities and concealed spaces in a building must be sub-divided to provide protection.

Preventing smoke and fire from spreading through a building means that cavities and concealed spaces in the structure or fabric of a building need to be sub-divided. Fire barrier systems inhibit the spread of heat, smoke and fire within horizontal and vertical sealed spaces. National Building Regulations demand sub-division of the spaces, which are typically within ceilings and roof voids, to provide greater fire resistance for a building’s structure and most importantly to protect lives.

Choosing the right fire barrier system for your building is important as there are lots of different options available, for all building types and sizes. This is of prime importance since many buildings are honeycombed with concealed cavities and voids within the roofs, floors, and walls. At Yee Group, our team will work with you to provide the optimum cavity fire barrier solution for the property.

I have never known a project be completed without any snags, which is a massive achievement on the part of Yee Group
Jordan Molloy, Assistant Site Manager, Wates Construction

From 30 up to 120 minutes of protection

Installing cavity fire barriers in buildings provides fire separation within concealed spaces.

Using fire barrier systems is not only a regulatory requirement, but also an insurance necessity. Yee Group can provide all the advice you need to ensure full compliance. In addition to fire barriers we also install fire curtains.

From 30 up to 120 minutes of protection