Fire alarm installation

Yee Group specialise in: Updating systems following an FRA, legislative & insurance requirements, building relocations & refurbishments, general system upgrades.

We have been providing fire alarm installation and maintenance to local businesses for more than 30 years, and can project manage the design, specification and installation of a wide range of systems to suit your business's individual requirements. Our team of highly qualified technicians will ensure that we provide all that you need to protect your operations and employees and ensure you comply with the latest legal requirements.

Our services include fire alarm installation, fire alarm testing and we can provide fire management systems from a wide range of manufacturers. Yee Group offers a fully accredited fire safety service for businesses and organisations of all sizes across many industry sectors including commercial, industrial and public sector. We work to the BAFE SP203 scheme for fire alarms systems.

Their assessment of our fire security needs provides for the safety and welfare of all our team.
Neil Collins, Knott Avonride UK

Fire alarm servicing and maintenance

Our qualified and experienced electrical engineers carry out fire alarm servicing to BS 5839 pt 1, 2013 so you can be sure of a trusted service.

We have built a strong reputation for fire alarm maintenance programmes carried out by our qualified and experienced electrical engineers and electricians. We have a very structured approach to servicing fire alarms which includes thorough testing of all main fire alarm panels, system wiring and back-up batteries, audible and visual warning devices and all manually operated or automatic detectors.  We also ensure that all aspects of the system documentation is kept up to date.

We supply you with a servicing record for each system, which details the date of each service carried out and when the next service is due. This record is signed by the engineer and confirms that all of your equipment is in full working order. In the event that there may be issues with any component of the system, our service engineers will advise you of any failures or suspected potential failures and provide replacements to make sure you are safe and secure.