Electrical maintenance & repair

Our high quality electrical design, installation, maintenance and repair services provide confidence and peace of mind.

For over 30 years we have been delivering high-end electrical maintenance services to the domestic, industrial and commercial sectors. Our 24 hours / 365 day service includes a fast and efficient call out option in case of a fault. Our highly experienced electricians are able to not only fix identified faults, but also follow a structured and efficient approach to fault finding, helping to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

As an accredited ISO 9001 company, our processes and structures are proven and our project delivery exceptional. Yee Group are experts in business relocation; our engineers are highly experienced in the design and reconfiguration of existing electrical schemes or the creation of new schemes. We focus on cost saving and energy efficiency, and of course observance of the Electricity at Work Act.

We researched local electricians before selecting Yee Group for this contract. Their record of assisting new businesses to set up quickly and efficiently was a major contributor, as we had a short timescale to move and re-establish our operations.
Mark Chambers, General Manager, Lecky UK

Maintaining the safety of your building

Changes in HSE legislation means you can’t afford not to maintain your electrical appliances periodically.

Periodic testing of  electrical installations and appliances is essential and with Yee Group we can make sure we work together to develop a maintenance programme that keeps you inline with HSE changes and requirements.

Maintaining the safety of your building

Expertise as standard

Having the electrics of a building checked to confirm safety by someone who is highly qualified is essential.

If you neglect to use a competent person to either install, rewire or check the electrics of a building or the electrical appliances within a building it can lead to all kinds of issues, especially in the event of a fire and an ensuing insurance claim. The Electricity at Work Act dictates the workplace has to be safe and one way of proving you have complied with this requirement is to periodically test your electrical systems with an EICR (electrical installation condition report), which can help protect you in the event of an insurance claim. Periodic testing also helps to avoid:

  • untimely breakdowns
  • operational downtime
  • avoid fires
  • keep to HSE legislation
  • keep overhead cost down with energy efficiency checks
  • know that your business and workplace are safe
  • peace of mind for all who work in the building