Electrical installation condition reports (EICR)

It’s a statutory requirement for a business to periodically carry out electrical installation condition reports (EICR).

Maintaining the safety of a working environment is a requirement of the Electricity at Work Act and so it is important that as a business owner or manager, you periodically test all electrical appliances and systems. There are different periodic testing periods for different types of equipment/systems and so by using Yee Group as your chosen electrical contractor, we can advise you on what’s appropriate for your business or building. EICRs provide insurance companies with proof that you are maintaining your electrical systems and appliances in accordance with regulations, and in the event of a claim, you are seen as having acted responsibly.

Yee Group has a structured and efficient method of carrying out EICRs which includes:

Visual inspection – the electrician will survey the electrical installation before commencing with the electrical testing.

Dead testing – consisting of 4 tests: Continuity testing, insulation resistance testing, polarity and earthing arrangement testing.

Live testing – consisting of 2 tests: Earth fault loop impedance testing; RCD testing

We researched local electricians before selecting Yee Group for this contract. Their record of assisting new businesses to set up quickly & efficiently was a major contributor, as we had a short timescale to move and re-establish our operations.
Mark Chambers, General Manager, Lecky UK

Why do I need an EICR?

The Electricity at Work Act requires electrical installations be installed, operated and maintained in a safe manner.

The only way to prove that you are in accordance with this Act is to commission professional, periodic testing and inspection of electrical installations and obtain EICR’s.

Why do I need an EICR?

Competence is key

EICRs must be carried out by an accredited electrician - Yee Group is an accredited, competent and trusted service provider.

With over 30 years’ experience, it’s not surprising that Yee Group is the ‘go to’ service provider when it comes to electrical installation condition reports. Our knowledge and experience mean that we can advise our customers on the kind of testing and reports appropriate to their operations.

We will carry out the testing then provide you with an EICR, detailing whether there has been any non-compliance or an issue with an electrical installation.

Specific codes indicate the status of the installation:

  • Code C1: Danger present – immediate remedial action is required
  • Code C2: Potential dangerous condition – the nature of the problem is identified and remedial action required
  • Code C3: Improvement recommended – this indicates that although an installation may be safe and compliant within one set of regulations, it may not be in accordance with a current set of regulations