Energy efficient LED lighting

By installing low energy lights, Yee Group can help you reduce your energy costs by up to 80%, reduce CO2 emissions and increase profit.

Lighting usually accounts for as much as 60% of the electricity costs for the majority of businesses. By reducing your electrical consumption, you are helping the environment and saving costs. Yee Group will carry out a full site survey for upgrading to energy efficient lighting, including a detailed design to illustrate LED energy savings, CO2 footprint, LED cost savings and expected ROI.

Yee Group can design and install low energy lighting that best suits your building. One of our specialist engineers will advise where you can make improvements, and recommend the most cost effective products. The installation process is fast and efficient and will cause minimum disruption to your business. Once installed the low energy lights will be thoroughly tested and if required, advice given on a suitable maintenance programme.

Yee Group's record of assisting businesses to set up quickly was a major contributor, as we had a short timescale to move and re-establish our operations
Mark Chambers, General Manager, Lecky UK

Efficient technology

Yee Group is technology driven to ensure we provide the most cost-effective, sustainable and energy efficient commercial and industrial lighting systems available.

Yee Group will design a tailored lighting solution that fits with your exact needs. This could include a combination of energy efficient lights, daylight control sensors and presence detection sensors.

Efficient technology

LED cost savings that really make a difference

Our site surveys for upgrading to low energy commercial lighting provide detailed drawings, information about LED cost savings, CO2 footprints and ROI.

Today, more than ever, businesses need to keep a watchful eye on their energy useage due to rising costs and also because of the environmental impact over-use of energy and CO2 emissions are having on our environment. If you are considering investing in low energy lights such as High bay LED lighting, we expect you’d to want to know what benefits there might be in making such an investment:


  • Reduces carbon footprint by up to a third
  • Reduces energy output by as much as 80%
  • Removes inefficient electrical systems that are costly to run
  • Removes old inefficient lamps that are being discontinued
  • Addresses existing or potential health issues caused by poor lighting
  • Provides a quality working environment

Using motion detectors to further reduce costs

We have installed lighting with PIR (passive infrared sensor) motion sensors in small and large businesses, office spaces and warehouses.

The use of such a lighting control systems will reduce the amount of time that lighting is on unnecessarily.  This can happen if there are no people working in a specific area or if the light levels are deemed to be sufficient due to natural daylight. 

A presence detector or PIR motion sensor is designed to monitor a specific zone in your building such as an office or hallway that has varying occupancy levels. 

The detector will automatically turn off the lighting once the space is vacated, and turn it back on again when it senses movement. Controlling lighting by using occupancy sensors in a commercial setting can deliver savings of up to 60% of a business’ lighting energy costs.

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Sectors we serve

Energy efficient lighting is highly durable, meaning it can withstand rough conditions and extreme temperatures.

Because it works well in demanding environments it is perfect for industrial lighting and commercial applications such as high bay LED lighting in warehouses and for office lighting. LEDs emit colour that is very close to natural daylight which is better for people working under them rather than the somewhat harsher blue colour of flourescent lights.

We have helped many organisations benefit from all the energy and cost savings together with the health and safety gains that switching to low energy lighting can deliver. These have included care homes, hotels, schools, colleges, restaurants, leisure centres, healthcare premises and retail outlets across Staffordshire and East and West Midlands.