Yee Group helps Swadlincote Aluminium find new vision

Burton based CCTV specialist Yee Group has helped local firm Swadlincote Aluminium and Welding Co to bring its CCTV system up to date through the use of cutting edge technology. The upgrade of the company’s analogue CCTV system has resulted in a significant return on investment and taken considerably less time and disruption to install than the original system.

Swadlincote Aluminium and Welding Co specialise in the building of commercial bodies to customer's own specifications throughout the UK. In addition to body building capability they also provide a full repair and refurbishment service for both aluminium and steel commercial vehicles.

By cleverly converting digital camera signals and allowing them to run over previously installed co-axial cables then decoding the signals at the other end, Yee Group Ltd were able to transform the camera system from analogue to one of the most advanced, high-definition digital offerings on the market in only a matter of days.
The new technology now supports 8 existing cameras, as well as the addition of several HD cameras. The design and installation of the system by Yee Group using this method helped to reduce the disruption which is often encountered in a new CCTV installation and also avoided the associated costs of removing outdated cabling. In addition, the future-proofed system enables the Swadlincote Aluminium and Welding Co. to phase in additional high definition cameras and continue to upgrade their systems over time, in an affordable way, something that would have previously been impossible to achieve.

With access via my mobile I know I have instant access to our surveillance system whenever I want it
Rob Winfield, Director of Swadlincote Aluminium

Staff are already benefitting from the time savings afforded by the CCTV system upgrade. Before the system was improved, staff had to search hours of footage to find an incident. With a new user-friendly operating system from Videcon staff now have access to high definition images, advanced search functions and remote viewing that can be accessed via a mobile phone. The system allows incidents to be easily bookmarked for reference or review later. 
The cameras also use infrared technology or ‘night vision’ to capture clear video in areas of complete darkness. Rob Winfield, Director of Swadlincote Aluminium said, “With the old analogue system it took ages to find just one incident, now it takes no time at all. He added “and with access via my mobile I know I have instant access to our surveillance system whenever I want it.”  Yee Group’s Managing Director Simon Chapman said “Many clients like the idea of   – setting digital camera signals to run over the original network cables. It saves time and money and avoids having to rewire their whole operation. By using the new technology developed by Videcon, we were able to save this expanding business significant cost as well limiting the disruption and downtime that would have been required.”

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