Passive Fire Stopping in multi-occupancy social housing

Yee Group was chosen as a specialist passive fire protection contractor working for an Arm’s Length Management Organisation on behalf of a large midlands based City Council.

Yee Group delivered fire stopping to more than 138 medium and high-rise tower blocks over a period of several years. Part of the early work was designated as a Decent Homes regeneration project.

The scope of the works is extensive and has included:
• Fire-rated compartmentation
• Installation of fire-doors and glazing
• Fire-rated batt systems 
• Fire and smoke seals to doors and bin chutes
• Fire stopping to open soil pipe enclosures through floors
• Fire-rated movement joints  
• Fire-rated penetration sealants 
In order to deliver the correct fire-rated components to each project using just-in time methods, the company introduced an off-site precision cutting innovation for fire-stopping panelling. 
Critically while on-site Yee Group plans work to minimise noise and disruption for tenants whilst maintaining programme momentum and completing works on time and within budget.

The overall complexity of these works provides an excellent illustration of Yee Group’s ability to plan, manage and deliver complicated contracts to a high specification.
On completion of these works the Assistant Manager, of the Wates Group commented “I have never known a project be completed without any snags, which is a massive achievement on the part of Yee Group”.
Projects undertaken by Yee Group have been awarded a 300 day challenge Gold Award for achieving 300 RIDDOR free days.

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